Past Events

Past Meetings

Workshop on the impact of multilingualism on the lexis of medieval English (1st May 2018, U. of Westminster)

During this workshop we will discuss a number of issues related to the following questions: how can we identify loans when dealing with languages that are very closely related (e.g. Old Norse and Dutch loans in English and Scots)? How can we map the impact that loans had on particular lexico-semantic fields and what can this tell us about the sociolinguistic interaction between the speakers of the various languages? How can loans help us understand the concept of ‘technical vocabulary’ and its role in the construction of various text types? How can we track and explain the processes of semantic change undergone by the loans once adopted into English? Do loans evolve differently in lexical and onomastic material? What impact do these issues have on the presentation of multilingual source material in historical dictionaries?

Workshop on the impact of multilingualism on the morphosyntax of medieval English (5th February 2019, U. of Seville)

This workshop will tackle various issues around the following questions: how can we best account for morpho-syntactic changes which are often explained by reference to contact with a single language, particularly the collapse of case and grammatical gender markers, and changes in argument structure? To what extent did ‘imperfect’ second language acquisition influence such changes? What was the effect of typological and sociolinguistic differences on the impact that various languages had on the morpho-syntax of medieval English?

Workshop on the textual representations of multilingualism in medieval England (15th July 2019, U. of Bristol)

In this workshop we discussed matters related to the following questions: how did the economics of cultural production and contemporary attitudes towards multilingualism influence its textual representation in relation to language choice, spelling and paleographical practices, code-switching and the stylistic exploitation of loans? How did contemporary audiences interact with multilingual texts or texts written in a different vernacular language? How can we best edit multilingual medieval texts?

Past Public Engagement Events

Lecture by Dr Sara M. Pons-Sanz (Cardiff U.) on ‘Digging for Linguistic Treasure: Scandinavian Words in English’ (13th June 2018; Cardiff University, Department for Continuing and Professional Education). Delivered as part of Cardiff University’s Exploring the Past lecture series.

Lecture by Prof. Paul Russell (Cambridge U.) on ‘Bilingualism and Multilingualisms in Medieval Wales’ (11th December 2018; Cardiff U., Percival Building). Kindly hosted by the Honourable Society of the Cymmrodorion and the Learned Society of Wales.

Lecture by Dr Sara M. Pons-Sanz (Cardiff U.) on ‘The Vikings in Our Past: Tracing and Classifying the Scandinavian Heritage of English Words’ (30th March 2019; Winterbourne Medieval Barn).

Interactive workshop by Prof. Carole Hough and Dr Joanna Kopaczyk (U. of Glasgow) on ‘Get Your Scots Wirds Oot and Caa Awa!’ (11th June 2019; University of Glasgow, Wolfson Medical Building). Delivered as part of Glasgow Science Festival.

Medieval Family Day at The National Archives, led by Prof. Louise Sylvester (U. of Westminster) and Dr Charles Farris (Historic Royal Palaces); National Archives, Kew).  Sat, 7 September 2019 10:30 – 15:00. Kindly supported by The National Archives.