This network aims to facilitate dialogue between leading scholars working on the impact of multilingualism on the linguistic development of medieval English and its textual manifestations. This multifaceted topic requires the collaboration of experts working in different (sub)disciplines in linguistics (English, Scots, Germanic, French and Celtic historical linguistics; onomastics; lexicology and lexicography; modern and historical sociolinguistics; contact linguistics; psycholinguistics; and stylistics), and literary and socio-cultural studies (English, French, Welsh and Scots literary criticism; editorial theory; reception studies; palaeography; and legal history).

The network has been funded by the AHRC and is led by Dr Sara M. Pons-Sanz (Cardiff University) and Prof. Louise Sylvester (University of Westminster).


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Image: Detail from an account book of the great wardrobe of Henry IV of England (1406-08).

The National Archives, Kew, E101/405/14, 8r.